for MacOSX 10.9 and later

Meet your new inbox

We redesigned the inbox to make email, like super fast.

Easiest way to keep your inbox organized!

We redesigned the inbox to make email light and fast. Quickly archive messages, flag or quick-reply — just using a few kestrokes.

Saves your time with fast
view and reply

Shortcut-driven interface will allow you to scan through an email and reply with a solution in seconds.
Keeps your mind clear for current activity
With one-tap acceptance of invitations and the other quick actions you’ll be able to go from email back to actual work a lot quicker.

Works with services you love

BlinkMail is an integrated experience — with Evernote feature at your fingertips.
Dropbox and OmniFocus integration is coming soon.

Easily adaptable
to your workflow

The shortcuts are customizable — BlinkMail will fit your workflow perfectly.
notebook Folder
quick reply Forward
reminder Flag
archive Trash
for MacOSX 10.9 and later
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